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Energized by Spiritual Avani

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Special Notes for Products

  • Once you receive your crystal or gemstone products, you don’t need to do any specific process with them of cleansing or anything.

  • All the products are already energised by specific spiritual process of 21 days.

  • You can directly use them with positive mindset and surrender to the mother earth and universal energy for greater results.

  • Once you receive your crystal or gemstone products, you can place them on your work desk, study table, drawer, bedside table, car etc.

  • You can wear the crystal or gemstone’s bracelet all the time 24hours 365 days in any situation.

  • You can carry some crystal or gemstone in your purse or bag for more positivity whenever you go outside.

  • If in any case your crystal or gemstone breaks you don’t need to worry, it is very positive sign of your divine protection, just return them to nature, put them in flowing water of river or throw it to recycle bin with safety and order new crystal or gemstone according to your need.